Mylar Bags and Custom Designs

Many businesses are seeking affordable and customisable packaging to meet the requirements of both their clients and their products. When product presentation and preservation is key, Mylar bags are the perfect solution. Here at Top Shelf Packaging, we supply many storage solutions and packages. Our Mylar bags are a popular resealable bag used widely for many different products, including herbs, edibles and food storage.

What are Mylar bags?

Mylar bags are storage bags made from metalised polyester or polyethylene. They come in many sizes and colours to suit your individual business and product requirements. The metalised polyester or polyethylene makes them much tougher than standard zip-lock bags, increases durability and preservation qualities and prevents light from entering and deteriorating the contents.

Mylar bags can be heat sealed with a domestic iron as well as a heat sealer once the bag has been filled. This means that you do not need specialist equipment to use securely sealed bags for preserving your chosen product. Mylar bags are far superior to standard foil bags and other light proof or smell proof bags found elsewhere on the market.

Our Mylar bags also have a zip lock style reseal feature, which means that they can be used again and again for airtight packaging of your items.

Product storage

Mylar bags are most commonly used for the short and long term preservation of many different kinds of products and items, mostly food or perishable goods. Mylar bags are the ideal choice for increasing the shelf life of your products by preventing ingress of moisture, stopping light damage as well as eliminating oxidisation.

Here are some examples of products that Mylar bags are often used for, including different types of food:

  • Dried herbs and spices
  • Seeds
  • Nuts and grains
  • Dehydrated fruit and vegetables

Although more people tend to choose mylar bags for these applications there is no limit as to what can be stored inside a bag. Certain herbs and dried goods might need oxygen absorbers for long time storage. Used correctly, mylar bags can store dried goods such as beans, grains and herbs for up to 20 or 30 years.

Our Mylar bags are available in a range of sizes from 1 gram bags all the way up to 1 ounce bags. This makes them the perfect, top quality choice for your chosen storage solution, offering resealable protection for your items.

Heat sealable and tamper-proof

At Top Self Packaging we strive to provide you with the highest quality mylar bags available.

Our bags have important key features like ‘heat seal’. This can be done both industrially and domestically. Heat seal means that once you put your chosen product inside the bag, you can then seal it up using your own domestic iron or heat sealing equipment . This helps to preserve the quality of your product and creates a solid odour barrier.

Our Mylar bags feature a ‘tear notch’, which makes for easy opening of the package once sealed. Mylar bags are perfect for those who suffer with conditions like arthritis or other problems that can make opening secure bags difficult.

Not only are Mylar bags personalised and dependable they also provide ease of use for both you and your clients.

Your own custom label

At Top Shelf Packaging we have an abundance of ready made labels as well as the opportunity to use our fully bespoke design service. Our bespoke design service is easy to use, simply fill in a short form so that we can understand your personal needs and provide you with the best results.

Custom and personalised labels prove essential for any retail display or home collection. Mylar bags are neat, well made and display and store easily.

We can help you to produce your own custom design for further promoting your own products and help you stand out from the rest with your own USP.

Shipping and bulk orders

When you shop with us you can expect a bespoke ordering experience where we can help guide you to choosing the right mylar bags or packaging solution for you.

Our unique approach gives you the opportunity to design your own label (or have your pre existing one printed for your order). You can also save on bulk purchases and have fast, discreet and efficient postage directly to you or your business premises.

We have many delivery options across the UK and EU that can suit you. We aim to go above and beyond when getting our packaging solutions and accessories to you safely and efficiently.

DPD Next Day Service

We use the reliable DPD (Dynamic Parcel Distribution) next day service so you never have to wait. Usually, order before 1 pm and we aim to get your order out for the next working day (please note a Friday order will usually ship to you for the following Monday)

A leader in UK and EU logistics, orders are signed for, tracked and can be easily monitored online, with a one hour time slot provided on the day of delivery.


If you order before 1pm, we aim to dispatch the same working day for next day delivery.

All orders will arrive within 2-3 working days.


International orders throughout the EU will be delivered within 2-4 working days.


For our wholesale clients we offer a cost effective pallet network shipping option. Efficient and reliable with the aim to reduce costs, goods are stacked in secure pallets that are strapped and shrinkwrapped, ready for distribution. All major payment types accepted.

For more details regarding our bags and information on bulk orders online, or contact us via email at [email protected].