19 Dram Pop Tops

These 19 dram pop tops are made from top quality, BPA free polypropylene plastic making them a safe way to package store many types products. You can get these bottles in either opaque or translucent designs in a range of colours, making them easily customisable. You can safely store up to 3.5 grams of flower, concentrates or edibles in these durable pop-top bottles.

Perfect packaging solution

The easy-to-use function of the bottle makes it the perfect way to store items for customers who have joint pain or arthritis. We understand how hard it can be to open bottles with pain or discomfort in the hands, that’s why we believe every person should be able to access their products in a stress-free manner.

By squeezing the top of the vial, customers are able to easily open the lid – hearing a satisfying pop once the lid has fully opened!

What’s more, these bottles are child-proof and they keep the smell inside for safe usage and storage, whilst ensuring all contents remain fresh.

19 dram pop top features

  • Official, high quality Kush Bottle pop tops
  • Premium BPA free polypropylene plastic
  • Quantity – 225 or mixed box of 50
  • Stores up to 3.5g of flower, concentrates or edibles
  • Durable bottle
  • Smell proof
  • Child resistant
  • Available in either opaque or translucent colours
  • Opaque – aqua, black, grape, gold, lime, silver, white, strawberry
  • Translucent – smoke, blue, clear, green

Official UK Kush Bottle supplier

At Top Shelf Packaging, we’re proud to be able to provide our customers with the highest quality kush bottles – accept no imitations!

As the only approved UK supplier we understand the importance of offering our customers competitive pricing solutions for their business needs, and are also welcoming of bespoke, wholesale enquiries..

How to use the pop top bottles

To use, simply squeeze the vial at either side to quickly pop the top open (you will hear a ‘pop’ sound, hence their name). Add up to 3.5g of product and press down to reclose. Your contents will now be stored freshly, or if you’re packaging goods for sale, they will then be ready to be sold and will look great on the shelf or in online photos.

See our design and labelling service if you’re a brand needing to prepare pop top bottles for sale.

Shipping details

At Top Shelf Packaging, we offer UK & EU shipping. UK orders will usually arrive the next working day if ordered before 1pm (if an order contains printed labels, this will add 1-3 days to process on the print run). EU orders normally take 2-4 days.

Wholesale orders

At Top Shelf Packaging we understand all business needs are different. That’s why we encourage every business thinking about stocking our products to contact us.

We offer wholesale options that are catered to your needs. We can advise you on the best option for you once we’ve had a quick chat – so contact us today, and see what we can do for you.