Press & Seal Tuna Tins

Our child-proof, smell-proof and durable packaging is the essential storage solution you need to try for your dry product. If you’re looking for easy to use packaging that is also discreet then the press & seal tuna tins are exactly what you need.

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We offer a range of easy to use packaging solutions, including our impressive press & seal tuna tins, available in two sizes to suit your needs. Buy these 100ml or 3.5g tins in quantities of either a pack of 10 or 60. Discreet and ready for labelling, you can’t go wrong for your business.

Features of the press & seal tuna tin:

  • Colour – silver
  • Black plastic lid included
  • 3.5 grams / 100ml storage of dry product storage
  • Slick, sophisticated appearance
  • Smell remains locked in
  • Child resistant for safety
  • Can be used by customers suffering with arthritis, painful joints or other conditions
  • Ready for labelling via our design service
  • Easy to use ring pull lid
  • No tools required
  • Simple sealing and opening solution

Why buy press & seal tuna tins?

Ideal for home use and for business stock

The press and seal functionality, enables the 100ml or 3.5g of medicines, herbs and dried flowers to be easily and safely sealed within the tins, either for individual home users or for companies looking to efficiently pack their stock for sale.

Not only do the press & seal tuna tins enable products to be safely sealed, the overall appearance of the tin gives a 10/10 high-grade touch, unlike other pharmaceutical style packaging options.

Discreet, stylish packaging ready for labelling

The tins include a slick-looking black lid, and stickers can be purchased at an additional cost for your branding needs. These sophisticated looking tins are easily opened and sealed, making them an efficient method of storing up to 3.5g or 100ml of products with maximum freshness provided at all times.

Durable and easy to use

The sealable tins are not only extremely durable, and straightforward to use, they are smell-proof for the discretion of users. To use this method of storage, all you must do is simply seal the tin with your hands by pushing the bottom of the tin until it clicks into place.

It can then be opened hassle-free by gently pulling the ring mechanism at the top of the tin. Once the ring has been pulled the tin cannot be reused. However, the complimentary black lid provided will allow you to re-seal the tin with ease.

How to open the press & seal tuna tin

The simple to use tins are easy to open and are able to be resealed using the black lid provided. This makes them usable for people who suffer with arthritis, or other painful conditions.

All you need to do is:

  • Simply place the tin on a flat, even surface
  • Use one hand to hold the tin down, whilst placing the thumb on your other hand on the lid
  • Use the index finger to lift the ring
  • Push it forward until the seal is broken

Now you have access to your supply of up to 100ml / 3.5g of product.

In order to break the remaining portion of the seal, we recommend that you move the lid gently from side to side until it is fully detached and the product is revealed.

If you need to re-seal the tin, please use the black plastic lid that is provided alongside the tin.

As you can see, press & seal tuna tins makes for a perfect storage solution due to the way in which they’re easy to use, smell-proof and child resistant.

Shipping times for UK and EU

UK orders will usually arrive the next working day if ordered before 1pm (if an order contains printed labels, this will add 1-3 days to process on the print run). EU orders normally take 2-4 days.

Wholesale enquiries

At Top Shelf Packaging, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and in-depth knowledge of packaging and solutions. The truth is, we understand that not every customer has the same needs, which is why we’ve created a tailored wholesale approach.

Whether you work with herbs, edibles or concentrates, our high-quality bottles are the perfect packaging solution for you, made from BPA-free polypropylene plastic.

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