13 dram pop tops

At Top Shelf Packaging, we are the official wholesaler of high quality Kush Bottles in the EU, meaning we can provide you with the best deals on premium storage.

Our range of various 13 dram pop top styles in different colours are ready for you to buy right here, and are effective at keeping products like herbs, flowers and edibles fresh. Accept no pop top imitations!

Make us your first choice when you’re looking to purchase the highest quality packaging solutions for your products. We offer a variety of packaging so always cater to our customer’s varied needs.

Along with our online range, we have a wholesale service tailored to suit your business’s unique requirements and even branding, with our packaging design and label printing service.

13 dram pop tops – a fantastic storage choice

Suitable for arthritis and joint pain sufferers

Kush Bottles have been designed to be easy to open and use, making them the perfect solution for those who suffer from arthritis or joint pain or any other painful issues. All of our 13 dram pop tops are able to store up to 1-2g of herbs, edibles or concentrates with maximum freshness whilst also being smell-proof.

Keep everything fresh

To open these pop tops, all you need to do is squeeze towards the top of the vial – that’s when you’ll hear the famous ‘pop’ sound, and you’ll be able to access your 1-2g of product instantly. A simple to use, and no-fuss solution where you’re using them at home or want to store items in your shop.

The high-quality bottle ensures product remains fresh after each use – the freshness now lasts even longer thanks to the innovative design. For this reason, the pop tops are able to keep the smell secured, making the 13 dram packaging a scent proof solution for the user’s discretion.

Buy in the quantity that’s right for you

We offer the 13 dram pop tops in a quantity of either 315 or 50. So you can order a small supply to keep you going, or stock up on a larger quantity for your business needs. Not only this, here at Top Shelf Packaging, we offer wholesale quantities for businesses who need a specific amount that is not featured on the website. We offer this service because we understand that each of our customers have unique requirements.

Durable, colourful designs

Our 13 dram pop tops come in an impressive array of attractive colours, and you can opt for opaque or translucent bottles. With such a vast variety of options available, we are confident that you will find something to perfectly suit your needs..

For those looking for a child resistant solution to storage, the 13 dram pop tops are the ideal option. See an overview of our products below:

  • 13 Dram Opaque Pop Top Bottles – Qty 315:
  • 13 Dram Translucent Pop Top Bottles – Qty 315:
  • 13 Dram Mixed Variety Pop Top – Qty 50

Each bottle is made with high-quality polypropylene materials and are both child resistant and smell-proof.

How to use the 13 dram pop tops

The simple and effective design of the 13 dram pop top bottle ensures that it’s storage solution that works for general users. The bottles are also designed for ease of use for anybody who is suffering with arthritic conditions, debilitating pain or joint ailments, meaning they can open them easily.

All you need to do to open the bottle is just squeeze the two sides of the vial together. This will allow the lid to pop open – you will hear a ‘pop’ sound, which signals it has opened. This makes the supply of 1-2g of flower, concentrates or edibles available with no fuss.

To close, all you need to do is press the lid back down, this allows the pop top to go back to its original firmly sealed state and ensure maximum freshness.

UK & EU Shipping

UK orders will usually arrive the next working day if ordered before 1pm (if an order contains printed labels, this will add 1-3 days to process on the print run). EU orders normally take 2-4 days.

Wholesale enquiries

Our customer centric approach allows us to carry the idea that every business owner and customer has a different set of needs. That’s why at Top Shelf Packaging we offer a wholesale service that designs a tailored approach based upon your individual needs. Do you need a certain quantity, or colour? We can help!

Not only that, when placing a bulk order, you can benefit from substantial savings. Our knowledgeable team of experts will be able to help you with your wholesale queries – just let us know your needs, specifications and desired quantity and we will come up with a quote and expected lead time for you.

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