Child Proof and Smell Proof Pots

Top Shelf Packaging is THE official EU supplier of Kush Bottles, the best quality Pop Top and Kush N Turn bottles for your business. Child proof and smell proof, our wide range of BPA-free polypropylene pop top bottles are available at fantastic prices.

We’re proud to be the nation’s largest distributor of dry herb, medication and flower packaging and accessories and are dedicated to providing you with packaging to benefit your company.

Shop our range of pop top and Kush N Turn packaging in a range of brilliant colours and sizes, ready to customise. Bulk order or buy in medium and small boxes to suit your needs. The more you buy, the more you save so stock up with our competitive offers.

Durable and safe, pick from translucent and opaque designs to stand out in your market. Get ready to squeeze and hear that famous and satisfying ‘pop’!

We're also the UK's only supplier of Grape Pop Tops.