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60 X 100 ml 3.5 Pressitin & Seal Tuna Tins with lids

(Single Box - Qty 60)

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The Pressitin 100ml sealable tuna tins are perfect for the storage of anything from medicines, herbs and dried flowers to sweets and gifts. These self sealing tins, coated with a food-safe lacquer, are the ideal solution if you’re looking to keep up to 3.5g or 100ml of products fresh.


The sealable tins are durable and extremely easy to use; you just seal with your hands by pushing the bottom of the tin until it clicks into place, and it can then be opened by gently pulling the ring mechanism at the top of the tin.

Once the ring has been pulled it cannot be reused. However, we will also provide you with a black lid to ensure that you can re-seal the tin with ease.

Order here in great value quantities of 60, or you can also order in smaller quantities of 10.

Press seal tuna tin features

  • Colour – silver
  • Labels not included (purchase labels separately)
  • Ring pull lid
  • 100ml storage
  • 3.5 grams of dry product storage
  • No tools required
  • Simple sealing & opening
  • Plastic lid included
  • Smell proof
  • Child resistant

How to open the pressitin tins

The tuna tins are easy to open for those who suffer with arthritis, you simply need to place the tin on a flat, steady surface and use one hand to hold it down, whilst placing the thumb on your other hand on the lid and using your index finger to lift the ring and push it forward until the seal is broken.

In order to break the remaining portion of the seal, we recommend that you move the lid gently from side to side until it is fully detached and the product is revealed.

If you need to re-seal the tin, please use the plastic lid provided.

Wholesale orders

For clients looking to order these sealable, child resistant and smell proof tins for wholesale, please get in touch today for great value bulk orders.

For wholesalers we are proud to be able to offer a tailored approach which provides substantial savings.


UK orders will usually arrive the next working day if ordered before 1pm (if an order contains printed labels, this will add 1-3 days to process on the print run). EU orders normally take 2-4 days. See our shipping page for more information.